TRACKER Diamond Coat™ Finish

TRACKER® boats, which are now built stronger, more durable and fit better than ever, are ready for an exclusive finishing touch.

TRACKER Diamond Coat™ is a multi-layer powder-coat finish that
is three times harder, up to four times thicker and keeps its color up to 20 times longer than traditional liquid paint.
After a thorough cleaning with liquids specially formulated to maximize surface adhesion, the initial layer of color is applied
to the hull in an automated booth that assures consistency and minimal waste. Then, after baking to a durable sheen, a protective clearcoat,
similar to coatings used on the likes of Mercedes and BMW automobiles, delivers a brilliance and depth unmatched in the industry.
With a carbon footprint 50% less than liquid paint, Diamond Coat is the most durable, long lasting and
environmentally friendly finish being used on any aluminum boat today. 


Thorough cleaning assures strong finish-to-metal adhesion.Powder-coat color finish is more durable than liquid paint.The clearcoat finish produces a brilliant and lasting shine.Powder-coating is new to aluminum boats, but not to Tracker Marine Group: it has been applied to our trailers for years!